And Discover How To Get Rid Of Bad Breath
 (without scraping Your Tongue! ) 
In One Minute Or Less ...

Hello there,

It’s Henry here – I am the designer of Stilobrush. For as long as I remember, I’ve always been passionate about tongue cleaning; Probably because my mother used to tell us to clean our tongue all the time when we were children.

My passion has led me to an intense research on the subject and I have found a better way to clean the tongue, prevent bad breath, and eliminate the menace of tongue scraping at the same time. 

Trust me, it hasn’t been an easy journey and through it all, I have scraped and scratched my tongue while looking for the right answer. It has taken me a few years to design, test, prototype, patent and finally manufacture Stilobrush. 

I am happy to tell you that thanks to its innovative design and functionality of the Suction Channels - Stilobrush delivers a superior tongue cleaning experience and complements the essential daily oral hygiene routine. 

Stilobrush can be used with your favorite toothpaste and we made it so good, that you only have to replace it once every six months.  Isn't that great?

I would like to change the world a tongue at a time and that's why I've decided to give the first Stilobrush away for *Free (*just cover the shipping and handling and a free Stilobrush will be on your way!)

Best Regards

If Bad Breath is giving you a hard time...
This Tongue Cleaner is Your Key to getting rid of It
(without Scraping your Tongue!)
*FREE Stilobrush "Tongue Suction Cleaner" ($6.99 Value!)
"Clinical research shows that odor-causing bacteria on the tongue is the #1 cause of bad breath."
There are millions of bacteria living in your tongue, and to survive they break down the protein and amino acids (from the left over microscopic-food particles), and it is this chemical process that produces volatile sulfur compounds (VSC gases) that are the real cause of Bad Breath.

And let’s not forget the residues from tobacco, smoking, coffee drinking, and smelly food eating.

They all add up to create the embarrassing "Bad Breath" that one third of the  American population experience every day,  and some of us don't even realize it.

Often overlooked and neglected, our tongues produce 90% of the bad breath that we all experience.

There is no question that Tongue Cleaning is the best defense against bad breath - But tongue scraping can be painful and unforgiving.  That’s why we developed Stilobrush...

The Ugly Truth About Tongue Scraping!

“Scraping your tongue with the sharp edge of a tongue scraper (metal or plastic) can be unforgiving.  It can make your tongue sore." 

And If you cross the very fine line of applying to much pressure; you could end up with a bleeding situation.

You could damage your tongue if you are not careful. "Tongue scraping is a very frustrating experience for a lot of people"

Do you suffer from embarrassing "Morning Breath"?

Did you know morning breath can be prevented?  Yes indeed, it can be prevented or greatly reduced by properly cleaning your tongue just before you going to bed .  It's that simple! 

Believe it or not, you will enjoy a better night’s sleep once you start practicing tongue cleaning regularly. 

It is hard to believe but most people don’t know that 90% of the morning oral malodor comes from a dirty tongue!

We strongly suggest using Stilobrush three times a day.  And to prevent “morning breath", we recommend you use it right before going to bed.  We are confident you will be very happy with the results.


There is no question that drinking a cup of coffee is something we all look forward to, specially if we are sharing with friends...

But there is also no question that coffee breath is embarrassing and difficult to get rid of...

Stilobrush will definitely help you get rid of it!

Find out Why Cleaning Your Tongue With A Toothbrush is Just Not EFFECTIVE...

In our competitor’s words:

“The narrowed, high profile of a toothbrush triggers the gag reflex immediately, but most importantly the soft bristles over-flex and are grossly ineffective in scrubbing away the sticky tongue’s gunk.”

In our words: The bristles of a toothbrush are meant to clean the smooth, hard surface or your teeth and not the soft texture of your tongue.

Therefore, a messy and deteriorated toothbrush's bristle head, is the obvious result of the wrong use.

By the way, have you ever pay attention to the fact that you are using a toothbrush, yes, a toothbrush to clean your tongue? Think about it…

What’s more, cleaning your tongue with a toothbrush is like cleaning a carpet with a broom. It's just not effective. 

And you may not ever realize it, but you are shortening the life of your toothbrush as well.

  And what about mouthwash?

When you think about it ... the use of mouthwash is very contradictory...

Mouthwashes are meant to kill the bacteria in your mouth, but most of them contain alcohol which in return dries your mouth out and that same dryness allows bacteria to grow back again...

It is literally impossible to have a bacteria-free tongue. The reason is that every time we open our mouth airborne bacteria gets in it. 

And even if you could get rid off bacteria completely, it only takes few hours for the millions of bacteria to flourish again.

That’s why we suggest tongue cleaning to be practiced three times a day, or every time you feel self-conscious about your own breath.

 Are you chewing gum to freshen your Breath?

As stated by Dr, Harold Katz in his article - CHEWING GUM: BAD BREATH RELIEVE OR CAUSE? " While many chewing gum brands guarantee fresher breath and sometimes even cleaner teeth, few products live up to this promise. For the most part, chewing gum may give halitosis-causing oral bacteria something to chew on themselves."

Here are some disadvantages of gum chewing:

  • May cause stomach discomfort (bloating)
  • May harm your teeth (cavities leading to tooth decay)
  • ​May cause Temporary mandibular Joint Syndrome
  • ​Expensive habit ( average American spends more than $50 dollars a year)
Are You wondering what the benefits of Tongue Cleaning Are?
  • You will enjoy a cleaner, fresher breath
  • Your sense of taste will improve
  • ​You will enhance your immune system  (by removing toxins from your body)
  • ​​It encourages healthy digestion
  • ​It will take your “good breath” confidence to a higher level
  • ​It helps to prevent cavities, gum disease, and other conditions that affect the mouth​​
Did you know that cleaning your tongue on a daily basis could improve your overall health?
Yes, you heard right! Our body's immune system starts in our mouth.


The practice of tongue-scraping dates back to centuries. The Chinese & Indian cultures have been practicing the ancient Ayurveda therapy since historical times. 

Ayurveda strongly recommends regular cleaning of “ama”- the toxic harmful coating on tongue.

"Ama" is the underlying cause of many diseases and Ayurveda suggests daily tongue-scraping for better health. 

But the glitch is tongue-scraping is painful and unforgiving which forces many to abandon the practice and in doing so they only end up with harmful oral toxicity.  

Besides being the main protection against Bad Breath - Tongue cleaning is also...

Cleaning the tongue prevents infectious viruses and toxic bacteria build up from being absorbed into our body, thus boosting our overall immune system.
 Thanks to Stilobrush’s gentle cleansing mechanism, those who are scared of tongue-scraping will finally find a more viable and easier way to clean tongue and get rid of the toxic ama.

Stilobrush the quick and easy way to Fresh Breath...

Stilobrush is one of a kind tongue cleaner that allows you to avoid the scraping and scratching of traditional tongue scrapers.

When we're asked how Stilobrush works, we simply state "it sucks" and we say it with pride.

Yes, Stilobrush sucks bad breath away!  Using the power of suction, our innovated patented design offer users a gentle, thorough cleaning, removing the main cause of bad breath that is embedded in your tongue.

The revolutionary double-action suction channels and concave neck work together to create a painless, yet highly effective “sucking” action that ensures a clean and, ultimately, healthy tongue. Finally, the rubberized, ergonomic handle allows for a firm but gentle grip that encourages proper use.

Stilobrush comes as a lifesaver here by literally changing the way tongue cleaning has been  practiced for decades through its innovative pain-free comfortable solution.
How is Stilobrush better than a tongue Scraper?

Stilobrush is better than any conventional tongue scraper or toothbrush because it works as a tiny vacuum cleaner.  

It was smartly designed to comfortably and gently clean your tongue using the power of suction. And it can be used with your favorite toothpaste.  Isn't that great?

Benefits of using Stilobrush:

  • Simple to use
  • ​Gentle on Your tongue
  • ​Fast - Cleans your tongue in One minute or less
  • ​Ergonomically designed - so you can reach further back in your mouth
  • Smartly designed -  can be used with your favorite toothpaste​​
Does Stilobrush helps reducing the gag reflex?

Yes, it does, when used properly.  If you are already used to practicing tongue cleaning, using Stilobrush will be piece of cake.  

But if you are new comer, we will give you a couple of tips that will help you with it...

Useful tips to prevent the gag reflex:

  • Breathing through your mouth will help you relax and reduce the gagging reflex.
  • ​​Make a fist with the opposite, or free hand. By doing so, your brain will become distracted and the gag reflex will not be triggered.

Furthermore, compared to a toothbrush, the low, flat head of Stilobrush helps reduce the gag reflex and allows you to brush further back on the tongue.  Remember, the more you use Stilobrush, the easier it will get.

How To Properly Use Stilobrush:

Once you are finished with your tooth brushing and flossing routine; then, you are ready to clean your tongue with Stilobrush.
  • Stand up straight and tilt your head slightly backwards.  Then, open your mouth and extend your tongue out as much as possible
  • ​Place Stilobrush on the back of your tongue (as far back as is comfortable) and gently brush forward or back and forth whichever way you prefer...

Brushing how to:

You can either use Stilobrush as a sweeper to sweep your tongue from back to front.

Or if you already are used to "tongue cleaning", you can use it as a brush, by brushing your tongue in a back and forth motion.

Make sure you cover entire surface of the tongue) for at least 10 seconds.  Repeat 3 or 4 times or until you get desired results.

You can use Stilobrush with your favorite toothpaste, How?  

Simple,  just apply a pea-sized amount of toothpaste to your Stilobrush, and follow the previous directions.

Is Stilobrush electric or battery powered?

Neither! That’s the beauty of Stilobrush - it sucks all on its own! There are no batteries to charge or cables to trip over.

When meeting your tongue, Stilobrush’ s innovative design creates a negative- suction force that allows it to work as a tiny-vacuum cleaner. 

Therefore, there isn't any scraping, or scratching involved.

How often should I use my Stilobrush?

Because of its gentle nature, we recommend that you use Stilobrush daily and at least twice a day, but more is better.  

If you can do it after every meal it would be great! Or if you prefer you can use it every time you feel you breath is getting funky. 

Please remember, "practicing tongue cleaning in the morning won't prevent bad breath from developing later in the day, and although tongue cleaning is the best defense against bad breath, consistency is the key."

Great News! Stilobrush can be used by adults and kids alike!

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